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National Grant for Church Planting

    NATIONAL GRANT for Church Planting available: REGIONAL GRANT MONEY AVAILABLE IN 2023 BUDGET while funding last!

    There are still available $5,000 grant from the national office for REGISTERING your accredited church at your District office as a Greenhouse church and then a $1,000 grant for every extra potential church planting intern that you can apply for. There is also a $10,000 grant for PLANTING a new church as well! For your convenience for DISTRICT to APPLY for grants ONLINE.

    *Please contact District Office for Grant Worksheet!

    What is a Greenhouse Church?

    A greenhouse church is an Accredited church that has meet the following criteria:

    • The church is experiencing balanced health
    • The church is in consultation with its district office and is planning to give birth within three years.
    • The church raises leaders and reproduces, which may or may not have a formal or informal residency but does have a planting pathway.
    • The church intentionally discovers, develops, and deploys church planters in the USA mission field.
    • The Church has attended a greenhouse training


    III. ALLIANCE STUDENT Loan Debt Reduction Program:

    PLEASE feel free to reach-out to me at 817-561-0879 to discuss multiplication grants available. I would love to be of help to any and all of our South Region District Superintendents and Church Multiplication Directors regarding any potentially churches in your district wanting to be designated as a greenhouse. Also in assisting you in your strategy to follow-up with any of the below churches who may have any interested in Church planting in your districts. 

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