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How Can I serve with the Alliance South Central?

    First Step

    Go to and complete the short form under “Next Steps.” This will tell us a little about you and your interest in ministry. Be sure to choose the Alliance South Central District from the drop-down box for the district you are working with. When you have submitted the form, the District Office will be notified of your interest.


    After filling out the Called2Serve form which would serve as an initial account profile, someone from the Alliance South Central Office will contact you to talk through Next-Steps and/or find the Accreditation Handbook link found in the Resources page . One of the major aspects to determine pathways to proceed is your Religious Academic background. If you have a Seminary Transcript or 30 hours credit of Bible, Theology courses and ministry, you can proceed to this application. If you don’t have any theological academic background at all, Alliance South Central has partnered with LEAD Program as the primary option made available for you. For more information on LEAD Program, CLICK HERE.


    Complete the accreditation application and submit the requested documents at Called2Serve with the assistance of the ASC Office team. (If you are previously divorced/remarried, a Divorce/Remarried Appeal for Exemption Application Requirements are inclusive in the application process and you will be redirected automatically). See the Divorce/Remarried Appeal Policy Guide HERE.


    An accreditation interview will be scheduled with the ASC Licensing, Ordination and Consecration Council (LO&CC). This interview is an opportunity for the LO&CC to assess your call to ministry, preparedness, and character. It is also a time for you to get to know the leadership within the District. Upon successfully completing the interview, a candidate may be Accredited, which means he or she is eligible to be licensed when a call/appointment is received to a specific ministry.

    Licensing Pathway

    All workers newly licensed in the Alliance South Central are “provisional workers” and will then begin one of two pathways: 1) Ordination/Consecration or 2) Church Ministry Worker License. These pathways are designed to help a new worker in the Alliance continue to grow and develop while serving in a ministry context. For a detailed information on the Ordination/Consecration Process, find it in one of the Article Posts.

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